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Battery Daddy holds 78 AA batteries, 64 AAA batteries, 8 9V batteries, 10 C batteries, 8 D batteries, and 12 flat batteries. *BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED*

Battery Daddy is the ultimate battery storage system with its unique double-sided design that stores and organizes up to 180 batteries! With Battery Daddy each battery is kept safe and secure in a customized slot. The clear locking lid allows you to see which batteries you have with ease. It fits in any cabinet, drawer or shelf. Best of all Battery Daddy comes with a battery tester so you can quickly test the life of the batteries you have.

Warranty / Guarantee

This offer is covered by our 60-Day Money Back Guarantee* (less shipping, processing, handling, and fees). Sales tax will be applied where applicable. Non-continental U.S. orders please add an additional $29.99 shipping surcharge.

How much does it weigh when it is not filled with batteries?

Battery Daddy®'s measurements are:

Original - 2.2 lbs without any batteries. 13 lbs completely full with batteries.

Smart - 1.9 lbs without any batteries. 10.7 lbs completely full with batteries

Ultra - 3.3 lbs without any batteries. 18 lbs completely full with batteries

What are the measurements?

Battery Daddy®'s measurements are:

Original - 12" L x 7" W x 2.5" H.

Smart - 11.1" L x 8.78" W x 3.62" H.

Ultra - 13.7" L x 10.75" W x 3.74" H.

How many batteries does it hold?

Original – 180 Batteries

Smart - 150 Batteries

Ultra - 250 Batteries

How many of each battery does it hold?

Original – Holds 78 AAs, 64 AAAs, 8 9-Volts, 10 Cs, 8 Ds, and 12 Coin Cells.

Smart - Holds 58 AAs, 68 AAAs, 4 9-Volts, 8C Cs, 8 Ds, and 8 Coin Cells.

Ultra - Holds 104 AAs, 104 AAAs, 8 9-Volts, 14 Cs, 14 Ds, and 12 Coin Cells.

Is the battery tester included in the purchase?

Yes, the battery tester is included.

How do you use the battery tester?

Battery Daddy®'s battery tester is easy to use. Simply place whichever battery you want to test into the sliding mechanism and the meter will then determine if the battery is good or bad.

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Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

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